Trumeter APM-MICRO-APO Speed Rate Flow Rate Panel Meter With Outputs


A specialized meter for measuring speed, rate and flow

The APM Rate Meter is a specialized meter for measuring speed, rate and flow. It’s used for applications including motor speed, pump controls and production line monitoring.

This model is a Positive LCD screen, capable of black digits and a colored back-ground. Also has settable outputs to trigger other devices all selectable using free APM Software.

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The Advanced Panel Meter (APM) Rate Meter was developed for use in flow applications, production lines and motor-speed monitoring. It combines the instant visual representation of an analog meter with the speed and accuracy of a digital meter. The unique display is viewable in most environmental conditions and features a programmable scale and color changing backlight for instant recognition and precision measurement.

The APM improves safety and efficiency through user programmable alarm set-points, dynamic backlighting and starburst messaging that alerts operators of changing conditions  instantly. It features digital and analog outputs to communicate with other components in a system, IP65 and NEMA type 4 and 12 ratings and an industry leading three-year warranty