Automatic Water Pump Controller LFPC-1

Part Number: LFPC Manufacturer: Lefoo | Media: Water

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This automatic water pump controller is an electronic intelligent water pump used to control equipment, the LFPC can completely replace traditional power control systems used with pressure tanks, pressure switches, water shortage protection devices, check values and four ports. Housing has complete isolation from electrical parts ensuring safety, environmental protection, long life, stable performance, less maintenance and no noise.


Any application where water pressure is essential.


Medium Water
Rated Voltage 220-240VAC
Max Working Pressure 10bar / 145psi
Frequency 50-60Hz
Connection R1
Max Current 8A
Protection IP65
Power 1.5kW(2HP)
Max Operating Temp 65 degrees Celcius
Factory Setting 1.5bar, stop on pressure of 3,5bar

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