Aviation Obstruction Light LM40

Part Number: LM40 Manufacturer: Nanhua | Warranty: 2 Years

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LM40 Series type A aviation obstruction lights with ICAO certificate. Type A aviation obstruction light play a warning role in tall buildings to reduce aviation hazards, daytime is white, at night is white or red (optional). Advanced LED, optical and system control technology to meet the advantages of the most demanding applications for towers, chimneys, tall buildings, large bridges, large port machinery, large construction machinery, wind turbines and other aircraft need to play a warning role in the occasion Applicable to obstacles with a height of 105 m to 150 m. Applicable to high salinity areas.



Light source – LED

Light color – White / White +Red

Vertical degree -≥3°

Horizontal degree -360°

Flashing rate -Daytime: 20/30/40 FPM; Night:20/30/40/60 FPM, Steady burning;Default40FPM

Intensity – Daytime 20000±25% cd, night 2000±25% cd

On/Off level – 50-200Lux

LED life – ≥100,000h

Flashing duration – Daytime:150ms, Night::750ms


Operating Temperature – -40˚C ~ +55˚C

Ambient Humidity – 0% ~ 90% (No condensation)

Weight – 7kg

IP Rate- IP65


Input Voltage – DC48V

Power Consumption – 20FPM≤50W,30FPM≤75W,40FPM≤100W;Night:20 FPM≤15W,30 FPM≤23W,40 FPM≤30W,60FPM≤45W, Steady burning≤60W.

Certification label

International Standard

ICAO(Annex 14)medium intensity aviation obstruction light standard and FAA-L865, CAAC MH6012-2015

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