Horns and fanfares are needed in every motor vehicle. Particularly in hazardous situations, they allow the driver to warn other drivers.

Via the, unobstructed forward propogation of sound, its 110 dB provides a penetrating and harsh sound which carries for long distances. Installation is easy thanks to the single hole mounting and blade terminal connection, and response time is quick, between pressing the horn and hearing the tone. It delivers long service and functional reliability thanks to its solid metal construction, while being weather resistant and insensitive to rust and stone impacts. Popular in passenger cars, light and heavy commercial vehicles, this zinc FD4 24V high tone horn operating frequency is 420 Hz. It is also suitable for external mounting, thanks to its attractive grill design.

Designation High tone horn
EMC protection Yes
Frequency range 420 Hz
Installation position vertical
Nominal voltage 24,000 V
Number of connections 2
Part number 0986320302
Power input 50,000 W
Rated current 4,800 A
Signalling device diameter 112 mm
Surface black
Type formula FD4 TYPE A 60 DEG, 24V HIGH; STEEL
Volume at 2 m 110
Width (unpacked) 60,00 mm
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