Die Cutting Impression Counter 7110 DIE

The 7110-DIE is a self-powered totalizing impression counter for die cutters. It’s designed for use with either rotary drum or flat dies and is built for installation directly to the die. The 7110-DIE is built to withstand the vibration of die cutting machines and can handle a speed of up to 10 impressions per second.

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The 3400-GATE is designed to be used on liftgates installed on trucks and commercial vehicles of all types. Regular servicing of the tailgate is crucial to ensure they are working to optimum levels and do not break down. The 3400-GATE incorporates a delay circuit, instructing the counter to count only if the activation switch is held ON for more then 5 seconds, which equates to approximately 2 feet of travel. If the activation switch is pulsed ON and OFF rapidly, the counter will ignore that signal and no count will occur.