Differential Pressure Gauge LFB

Part Number: LFB Manufacturer: Lefoo | Media: Various 

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The LFB differential pressure gauge is a kind of elastic pressure gauge which makes use of simple, non-friction magnetic spiral movement and rubber diaphragm as the sensitive element to measure the pressure. It indicates the pressure of tested gas by pointer, no matter it’s positive, negative or differential pressure. This design has the function of shock resistance, anti-shaking and over-pressure proof.

The LFB is widely used for measuring fan & blower pressure, filter resistance, wind speed, furnace pressure, orifice differential pressure, air bubble water level, liquid amplifier or hydraulic system pressure, etc. Mean while it’s also used for air gas ratio and automatic valve control in combustion process as well as monitor of blood pressure and respiratory pressure in health care equipment.


Any application where system pressure needs monitoring.


Measuring range Various (please see datasheet)
Accuracy +/- 2%
Overload 172KPa
Rated Pressure -68 – 103KPa
Temp -7 – 80 degrees Celsius

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