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7960 Series Pulse® LED beacons offer SAE Class I light output and double or quad flash operation combined with a long maintenance free service life and low amp draw, making this beacon a cost effective choice for many applications. The die-cast aluminum base is coated against corrosion, electronics are encapsulated in epoxy for dust, moisture and vibration protection while the thread-on polycarbonate lens allows easy flash mode selection without tools (via circuit board mounted microswitch). Easily replaces old rotating or strobe beacons with the latest technology so no ongoing maintenance is required.

Features and Benefits

• 16 3-watt LEDs provide unrivalled flash intensity

• 11 flash patterns with hi/lo intensity control

• Die-cast aluminum base is coated against corrosion and designed for vibration resistance and heat dissipation (permanent mount versions are epoxy filled)

• Thread-on polycarbonate lens

• Reverse polarity, voltage spike and surge protected

• Temperature Range: -22°F to +122°F (-30°C to +50°C)

Temporary Mounting, Vacuum-Magnet Mount: 

The Vacuum-Magnet Mount feature includes a suction cup on the bottom of the beacon, with a magnet inside of the suction cup, for a secure, temporary mount. The beacon should be placed in the center of the roof where the least amount of curvature occurs. Before installing, make sure the mounting surface is clean and there is no debris on the bottom of the beacon or on the roof of the vehicle, which could reduce the holding power of the suction cup and magnet. Place and remove the beacon without sliding to avoid scratching the paint on the vehicle. After placement, the beacon should adhere firmly to the surface. If the unit slides or moves easily, a proper installation has not been obtained. To release the vacuum, lift the tab to release the airlock. To protect the Vacuum-Magnet Mount assembly, return beacon to the box when not in use. Do not attempt to attach the beacon to an ice-covered surface.


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ECCO’s 7960 Series LED beacons feature 16 of the latest high-intensity 3-watt LEDs, providing the brightest light output available in an LED beacon. Eleven flash patterns and hi/lo intensity control combine with a long maintenance-free service life and lowamp draw to make this beacon the perfect choice for any application. Easily replaces old rotating or strobe beacons with the latest technology, so no ongoing maintenance is required.