Enclosure IP65 Sealed Polycarbonate Jiffy Box Clear Lid 115x65x40mm HB6249


Enclosure or Jiffy Box made from Polycarbonate material, designed for a high-quality universal enclosure that can be used universally.

  • Made with Polycarbonate material
  • Moulded in light grey.
  • Operating temperature: -40 to +125C
  • The lid and base incorporate a tongue and groove sealing system with a neoprene gasket
  • Lid fixing screws are M-4 stainless steel (non-magnetic) into threaded brass inserts
  • Wall mounting holes and lid fixing screws are outside the sealing area thus preventing the ingress of moisture and dust
  • Designed to IP65 of IEC 529 and NEMA 4 (dust and hose proof)
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