Max Meter M21 – Voltage Current Frequency Power PSU 12-24V DC With TCP/IP & RTU APM-MAX-M21-NL-4B


An all-in-one meter for measuring amps, voltage, frequency or power

The APM MAX is an all-in-one meter with endless configuration options. The M21 can be configured to measure amps, voltage, frequency or power (Watts, VA, VAr & Power Factor) for high voltage applications.

  • Negative LCD Screen
  • Power Supply 12-24VDC
  • 4 to 20mA Outputs
  • Modbus® TCP/IP and Modbus® RTU compatible

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Designed for a wide range of power monitoring applications, the APM-MAX combines the instant visual representation of an analog meter with the speed and accuracy of a digital meter for instant recognition and precision measurement.
The large 81.5mm x 66mm display features a two-line display, programmable scale, alarm set-points and color changing, full color RGB backlight for instant alerts.

APM-MAX-M21: for high voltage applications; configurable as an ammeter, volt meter, frequency meter or power monitor (Watts, VA & Power Factor).

Both models feature digital and analog outputs and serial MODBUS® RTU as standard (ethernet MODBUS® also available) for communication with other components in a system as well as an IP65 rating and our industry leading three-year warranty.