Mechanical Counter 3602-192TG 6 digits Top Going

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Part Number: 3602-192TG Manufacturer: Trumeter | Warranty: 3 Years

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The 3602 mechanical counter is a durable, versatile unit which counts revolutions on many different types of production machinery. The counter is robustly constructed for continuous operation at high speeds with the main shaft running in double oil impregnated bearings to ensure accurate, long term, trouble free service. The unit has a front facing, easy to view, 6-digit readout and operates at up to 3000 counts per minute with 1:1 gear ratio. It is available top-coming or top-going with a range of gearings, optional rubber or polyurethane covered plastic wheel or knurled aluminium to best meet a range of applications. The counter is supplied double drive with wing bush and customer configurable reset.


Configuration:  3602-192TG – M/cm 6 digits Top Going

Display – White on black, decimals black on white 0.25in (6.4mm) figures

Base Material – Black PC-ABS plastic

Cover Material – Grey ABS plastic Drive Shaft Diameter – 0.275 inch (7mm) diameter

Gearing – 1:1, 1:10, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 as standard. Others on application

Bearings – Bronze, oil impregnated for life

Operating Torque – ( at 1:1 gearing

Maximum Shaft Speed – 3000 RPM

Maximum Count Speed – 3000 CPM

Operating Temp – -10°C to +50°C [14°F to 122°F]

Storage Temp – -20°C to +50°C [-4°F to 122°F]

Environmental Protection – IP40 Nett Weight – 200g

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