Nanhua Aviation Obstruction Light ABC-7L

ABC-7L Weatherproof aviation obstruction light is specially designed for a wide variety of cranes used in harbors, metallurgies, mines, lighthouses and tall buildings. It consists of LM6 die casting aluminium base and high-intensive glass (or PMMA material), which houses the electronics and LED bulb, providing environmental protection and shockproof. Electrical wire is connected to the lamp from the bottom of light fitting, convenient for mount and replacement. Steel wire is used to base against falling in operation. The application in 85% of harbors in the world shows its perfect waterproof and corrosion resistant performance. Built-in ABC-7A (LED) Bulb, providing external long life.

  • Base is made of die casting aluminum alloy, with light weight and corrosion resistance.
  • ABC-7A(LED) bulb uses super brightness LED, and its life time more than 100,000hrs.
  • PC cover is used for ABC-7A(LED) bulb, providing good intensity, thermal stability and good finishing surface.
  • The lamp housing and upper lamp holder are sealed with structural glue, to ensure the good watertight of the product.
  • A bird spike is provided on the top to avoid the drop of the bird.
  • Built-in photocell, can switch ON/OFF the light at dawn and night automatically.(optional).

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