Tesa 51608 Wire Harness Tape Cloth PET Fleece High Temp 105°C 19mm x 25m 20 Rolls


Tesa Tape 51608 Black Wiring Harness Tape High Temp 105°C Cloth Tape for cable and wiring looms, 19mm x 25m PET fleece tape.

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tesa® Tape 51608 Black Wiring Harness Tape, cable harnessing PET fleece tape is a versatile tape ideal for use in a range of applications. Featuring noise dampening qualities, this robust tape is perfect for use in applications that feature cables and copper wire including vehicles and electric instruments. Manufactured with PET fleece backing, the tape is ideal for bundling cables whilst protecting against damage and abrasion.

  • Quantity: 20
  • Applications:  Wiring Harness Insulation
  • Benefits: Noise dampening, Abrasion Resistance, Hand-tearable, Age Resistant, Strong adhesion.
  • Measurements: 19mm x 25 meters
  • Made in Germany


  • Elongation at break 20 %
  • Tensile strength 40 N/cm
  • Abrasion resistance (10mm mandrel, LV312) Class B
  • Abrasion resistance (5mm mandrel, LV312) Class A
  • Noise damping (LV312) Class C
  • Temperature resistance max. 105 °C
  • Temperature resistance min. -40 °C
  • Unwind force (roll width < 9mm) 9 N/roll (30 m/min)
  • Storage temperature: 23°C (+/–10°C)
  • Relative humidity: recommended 40–60% (room climate)
  • Product guarantee: tesa guarantees a maximum shelf life of 12 months from date of dispatch (based on ISO 554)