Mechanical Length Measuring Unit 2300-11MCG

Part Number: 2300-11MCG Manufacturer: Trumeter | Warranty: 3 Years

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The 2300 is a heavy duty measuring unit with dual measuring wheels for better contact and stability when measuring length and designed to be mounted directly to the bulkhead or frame of industrial machinery.

This robust instrument can be used in a wide range of applications and measure almost any material in an industrial process. It can be used to measure the length of paper and cardboard, canvas and other material, fabric and textiles, plastics, sheet metal or almost any other rolls or lengths of material requiring accurate measurement.

Measurement for almost all manufacturing processes

The 2300 is ideal for use in almost all continuous manufacturing processes. It bolts directly onto a bulkhead or frame member and can be used on industrial machinery such as calendars, tenters, rolling, ribbon winding textile machinery and many, many more.

The measuring wheel is available in rubber, polyurethane and knurled aluminum to suit the material to be measured, while other options include the wheel circumference, units of measurement and the direction of travel, making the 2300 perfect for measurement of almost any material.


Configuration:  2300-11MCG – Meters/Centimeters Top Going

Display – 6 digit 0.25” (6.4mm)
Measurment Options – Imperial or metric
Max speed of travel – 3,000 RPM Mechanical
Shaft Diameter – 7mm
Units of Measurement – Metres/centimetres, yards/eigths or feet/inches
Packed Dimensions 2300 – 180mm (7.09in) x 200mm(7.87in) x 270mm (10.63in)
Nett Weight – 2300: 2.81lb (1.3kg)

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