TRUMETER 2401 – Mechanical Length Measuring Unit


The 2400 is a robust mechanical length measuring unit for use in industrial applications that require accurate results. Supplied with stay rod and stand to be used with industrial machinery and processes, it has a single measuring wheel available in different materials and circumferences to suit the users’ requirements. The stay rod bracket allows it to measure material at an angle as well as for the unit to be easily lifted clear of material without it being removed.

Measure fabric, textile, paper products, tape, metal, timber…

It can be used in a wide range of applications where an accurate length recording is required. The durable construction, stay rod mounting bracket and stand make it an ideal unit for measuring material in a range of industrial, manufacturing and processing such as fabric, textile, paper products, tape, metal, timber, wood, plastics, films/wraps and many more applications.

Options available include units of metres/centimetres, yards/eighths or feet/inches and measuring wheels with a contact surface of rubber, polyurethane or knurled aluminum to best suit the material that is to be measured.