Trumeter 2630-132CB Cable and Wire Length Measurer 0.5mm-15mm M/cm Away from the Operator


The Trumeter 2630-132CB Cable and Wire Length Measurer is designed for continuous, high-speed operation measuring cable, rope, tubing or wire up to 15mm.

Product Sheet


The Trumeter 2630-132CB Cable and Wire Length Measurer robust machine measures the length of wire and other materials from 0.5mm (.0197) up to 15mm (.59in) diameter. The machine is equipped with two adjustable tension springs, mounted externally, which can be unhooked from their anchor. This allows the measuring head to be pivoted up to a backstop to facilitate threading the cable through the machine. If a shaft encoder is fitted, the output can be directed to any type of counter with an electronic input.

  • Continuous operation at up to 25 meters/ sec (82 ft/sec) or 50 counts per second
  • Self lubricating bearings on both rollers
  • Heavy duty cast aluminium structure
  • Hardened steel inlet and outlet guides
  • Polyurethane covered measuring wheel fitted as standard
  • Can be interfaced to a data processing system
  • Totalising or predetermining counters available or encoder to pulse electronic Counters
  • Additional counter or encoder can be fitted to keep a total while the main counter is reset
  • BrandTrumeter


  • 2630-132BA for cable/rope travelling away from the operator
  • Cable Diameter Range 0.5mm (.0197in) to 15mm (.59in)
  • Measuring Wheel Circumference 250mm
  • Maximum Speed of Travel 1500 metres/min or 3000 counts/min whichever is lower
  • Units of Measurement Metres and centimetres
  • Packed Dimensions 180mm (7.09in) x 200mm (7.87in) x 270mm (10.63in)
  • Gross Weight 3.0kg (6.6lb)
  • Accuracy +/- 1%