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Part Number: APM-AMP-APN Manufacturer: Trumeter | Measurement: Amperage

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The APM Amp Meter is a digital panel amp meter that provides a more effective way of monitoring, measuring and displaying current. It measures up to 5A directly, or up to 10,000A in conjunction with a current transformer.

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Advanced Panel Meter - Amp Meter

The Trumeter APM Amp meter is ideal for engineers, panel builders and designers who want a more effective way of displaying and monitoring current.

What can it do?

The APM amp meter has been specifically designed for panel mounting and is ideal for a range of applications. Its unique LCD display combines the advantages of traditional moving coil meters with the accuracy and features of the leading digital panel amp meters.

Revolutionised Design

The APM ammeter achieves an accuracy of 1% or better across the input range for precise control where accurate measurement is paramount. It has a direct input for measuring AC and DC currents up to 5A or, in conjunction with a CT, measure AC current up to 10,000A.

The LCD display boasts a super-wide viewing angle, which significantly improves visibility and can be read from almost any position. It is ideal for panel builders, system integrators and maintenance or electronic engineers that require a modern, versatile panel mount digital amp meter. The APM’s slim-line design requires only 53mm depth for panel mounting.

Programmable digital panel amp meter

With a programmable scale, both minimum and maximum values on the bar graph can be configured and the ammeter customised as required. The amp meter’s set points and alarms can be programmed using the free to download and easy-to-use configurator software. The LCD display can be set to flash, change colour, change message or a combination of all three to alert the user when a critical point has been reached. Custom alarms can be set to trip when values exceed, are lower than, between or outside the set point.

Unique digital display

The APM unique LCD display, with adjustable backlight brightness and positive or negative screen options, provides better visibility than any other product on the market. The wide viewing angle makes readings visible from almost any perspective.

No other panel meter combines the instant recognition of an analogue coil/traditional panel meter with the precision and accuracy of digital panel meters. As well as alerts via colour change and flashing, the starburst display area allows for any annunciators, custom messages and/or alarm information where it may be required. The 40-segment bar graph provides instant display of readings with large, easy-to-read starburst display for complete clarity.


Easy to set-up software

Just plug into any free USB port on your PC.
Run the freely available APM Configurator and you’re off!

TYPE A-B USB Printer Cable not included

Instructional Videos

Changing the Backlight Colour

Setpoints & Outputs

Starburst Display Area

Decimal Places Set Up

Key Features

Large Multi-format Display

  • 40 segment bar graph display
  • Large 4 digit display
  • Separate Starburst display area for annunciators, custom messages and alarm information
  • Dynamic backlight colour


  • User adjustable backlight brightness and colour
  • Large display
  • Wide viewing angle (both horizontal and vertical)
  • Custom annunciators


  • Scale (offset and gain) and Range (min and max)
  • Custom annunciators
  • User selectable backlight colour and intensity
  • Two independent alarm set-points
  • Two independent outputs (output models only)
  • 4-20mA analogue monitor output (output models only)

Additional information

Weight .200 kg
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 7.5 cm