TRUMETER – FlexAlert Timer

The FlexAlert is a lightweight, small-form timer that can be used in a range of applications where a countdown and reminder notification is required. The timer can be easily attached in the location required and it will begin to count down the pre-set duration. When the time has been reached it will produce an audible alert until turned off.

The FlexAlert’s flexibility and versatility make it an ideal unit for domestic and industrial uses, including service intervals and equipment checks as well as reviews and component changes. In every case, FlexAlert ensures they are made on time, every time.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Cable tie and hook and loop fixtures included.
  • Factory customizable alert time 1-732 days (2
  • Replaceable CR2032 battery.
Suggested Applications:

  • Industrial Equipment
  • Medical Equipment
  • Air Conditioning


Product Documents: Datasheet 
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