Trumeter APM – Advanced Panel Meters


The Trumeter APM range is unlike any other digital panel meter. Each one has been specifically designed for engineers who require a more effective way of monitoring and displaying data. They combine the advantages of traditional moving coil meters with the features and accuracy of modern digital panel meters to provide the best of both. Models available below.

AMP Meter

Meter for measuring AC & DC current

VOLT Meter

Meter for measuring AC & DC voltage

CT Meter

Measuring AC current with an external CT


Meter for process control applications


Meter for measuring frequency and speed


For use with thermocouples


Measuring DC current with a shunt

RATE Meter

Measuring speed, rate and flow

M1 Meter

For voltage, current or frequency (12/24V)

M2 Meter

For voltage, current or frequency (240VAC)

MAX Meter M21 (108mm)

Amps, voltage, frequency or power

MAX Meter M23 (108mm)

Process or Shunt Meter


Single, split and 3-phase applications


Microamp Measurement

Why use an APM Digital Panel Meter?


The APM gives the user precise control and accurate readings at all times. What makes it unique is how it displays precision measurement with an immediate visual indication of critical parameters. Coupled with this, no other range of digital panel meters can boast the quantity of features or quality of display. This, along with the panel meter’s programmable functionality, sets it apart from other digital panel meters on the market.

It has two outputs for controlling other systems in the process and is the ideal digital panel meter for engineers, designers, panel builder and PLC manufacturers for a range of applications.


Programmable Panel Meter


The APM is one of the easiest-to-use programmable digital panel meters on the market. The scale and annunciators can be programmed to allow users to tailor the LCD display for their exact needs, while the dynamic backlighting provides a visual alert when a parameter is out of range. These are all user-customisable through the free configurator software.

Changing the Backlight Colour

Setpoints & Outputs

Starburst Display Area

Decimal Places Set Up

Key Features

Large Multi-format Display

  • 40 segment bar graph display
  • Large 4 digit display
  • Separate Starburst display area for annunciators, custom messages and alarm information
  • Dynamic backlight colour


  • User adjustable backlight brightness and colour
  • Large display
  • Wide viewing angle (both horizontal and vertical)
  • Custom annunciators


  • Scale (offset and gain) and Range (min and max)
  • Custom annunciators
  • User selectable backlight colour and intensity
  • Two independent alarm set-points
  • Two independent outputs (output models only)
  • 4-20mA analogue monitor output (output models only)